Passage Soccer club Roles and Responsibilities

To all players, coaches, parents, friends of Passage AFC, we are trying to improve the way we operate as a committee with better communication and greater transparency , unfortunately we have just recently lost another member from our committee so to try and alleviate the situation we have decided to try and fill some roles from outside the committee, we need to bring in more parents to fill these new roles and rely less on coaches (who put in a huge commitment already) the roles are specific however you do not have to be a committee member to carry out these roles. They are as follows:

Head Coach (Development Officer):  This role is for the club to dedicate a single person as our Head coach, this role would involve overseeing all the aspects/issues with all our managers for the male and female teams, arranging training courses, pitch allocations, coach identification, liaise between managers and also to head up our new initiative of promoting coaches from within the club and outside if necessary. This position needs someone with coaching experience and a good familiarity with Passage AFC.

Pitch Maintenance Officer:  At the moment we actually do not have a pitch maintenance Officer in place for Passage AFC. We have been actively looking for someone to take the position after we lost two Officers early in the season. This is one of the most important roles that we are looking to fill for obvious reasons, the role would include liaising with the FAS workers already on site in both pitches with respect to maintaining the pitches, grass cutting, fertilising campaigns, and informing club secretary’s if the pitches are available to play on for each weekend during the soccer season. Again I cannot stress how important it is that we fill this role as soon as possible; all possible help would be extended to the person/persons who would be willing to facilitate this role.  

Club player Membership Secretary:  This role will involve working with a new player database spreadsheet that the committee have developed for all teams within the club, to update the player details, contact numbers, e-mail addresses etc., this database also keeps an account of yearly registration fees and may involve liaising with various managers to account for the necessary fees etc. The club is trying to communicate directly with players and parents through a group email system for general updates and information regarding all aspects of the club including a quarterly Club Newsletter Reports. The player database should provide all the e-mail addresses.

Fundraising Officers:  This is a crucial part of raising much needed funds to run the club, take the Lead or be part of a team in Fundraising events including family fun day, sponsored walk, quiz nights, and all other events which your team may come up with. I cannot stress how important this subcommittee is to the club, as the clubs revenue streams are mainly Registration fees, Lotto ticket sales and fundraising events.

Club Projects Officer:  This role will have involvement with all the projects ongoing within the club. For example lead the project for the main Drainage in Maulbaun this summer with regard to quotes, grants etc. Also we have some other projects we need to get started for the better of the club, Pitch liner for Maulbaun. 2nd Strimmer for Maulbaum. New wall/fencing in Rockenham. These are to name just a few.

Lotto Officer:  This role will involve co-ordinating Lotto efforts always trying to look for increasing ways to sell lotto tickets and managing Direct Debits etc.

Retail Officer:   This role is all about promoting Passage AFC, it will involve selling club gear, promoting the clubs apparel throughout the club both inside and outside the club, taking orders, managing accounts, and advertising with various Medias.

Club Sponsorship Officers:  This role will involve actively seeking new sponsors for Passage AFC, sending out letters of invitation to various companies already targeted and follow up with meeting potential sponsors to explain the different types of sponsorship deals that we have on offer, e.g. advertising hording in Rockenham, advertising during fundraising events and on clubs website etc.  

Club Committee Members:  Our committee numbers are low at the moment and we are always on the lookout for new members who are as excited about bringing the club forward as we are, if you think you could help our cause then please make contact with any committee member for further information regarding roles on the committee.

We currently have 326 active players within Passage AFC, as you can imagine this is a huge undertaking for a club of our size and a committee of this size however I am convinced if we can fill the various roles above and pool together and help in whatever way you can then we will bring the club forward successfully for the benefit of all from the youngest academy player to the not so youngest Senior player. Again we need your help to run your club, please try to help out in any way you can. If you need any other information on the above roles then please feel free to contact us at or contact me directly on

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